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Working Light Is A Kind Of Lamp Tool

Nov 03, 2017

Working light is used for a variety of construction operations on the site, mining operations, machinery and equipment maintenance repair, accident treatment and rescue work at the scene of large-area, high-brightness lighting of a lamp, referred to as work lights.

Working light is a kind of lamp-like tools, but also for lighting, but it is in a special environment of lighting. Mainly used in large-scale construction operations, accident repair, Work Light disaster relief and other places, such as: in the disaster area of the night of the implementation of disaster relief, it needs this kind of work lamp, it needs to be in the right environment to play its biggest role.

Working Light Application Range

Car lights, truck lights, off-road lights, mechanical lights, agricultural machinery, ambulance lights, engineering vehicles lights, logging lights, excavator headlights, forklift lights, coal mine lights, snow lights, hunting lights, armored vehicle lights, tank lamps and other lighting and industrial fields, patrol, rabbit and other special or mobile environment lighting, such as large-scale construction site.

Working Light Product Features

1, LED lamp beads: The use of regular 45MIL crystal chip packaging, high-power led1w or 3W;

2. High light intensity: 180lm/3w.

3, High color temperature: LED lamp bead selection in general around 7000K, Work Light while the traditional halogen lamp the highest color temperature is only 3500K, the light slants yellow;

4, the scope of application is wide: the use of unique glass technology, Work Light concentrating surface can be used for fog spotlights, auxiliary lighting; pan-smooth can be used for working lights, engineering lights, please customer to determine the desired product use, select the corresponding mirror to achieve the best performance;

5, work lights, repair lamp products based on the forefront of the industry, leading the industry trend, the full range of product modeling, some products with original and forward-looking, and effectively solve the high-power led cooling and light attenuation problems, reasonable selection, good stability, Work Light high technological level, beautiful and practical.

Working lights can be divided into many categories, different environments can choose different working lights, according to the need to choose, work lights can also be divided into: incandescent work lights, fluorescent work lights, white tungsten foam work lights, LED work lights and so on.

Incandescent working light: mainly used in small and medium sized environment, mainly local lighting, such as small and medium-sized lathes and so on.

Fluorescent working light: Fluorescent working light features more, such as: Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-riot, lighting effect, light distribution uniformity and so on. Work Light Widely used in lathes and other places.

White Tungsten Foam working light: It can also waterproof anti-riot, anti-corrosion. Work Light Mainly suitable for large and medium-sized working environment, such as: Large and medium-sized machine tools and so on.

Work light: Its light source uses the high luminous effect the LED volume is small, the calorific value is small, it also can waterproof anti-corrosion riot control, Work Light may in has the dust and the damp environment use.