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Working Light Is A Green Product

Oct 24, 2017

Working light is applicable to a variety of large-scale construction operations, accident repair, rescue and relief work on-site lighting lamps. Work Light There is also refers to the daily work of the use of lamps.

Working light use characteristics

1, working lights because of the use of LED light source in production, so the use of this lamp for a long time, can effectively prevent the loss of the work process, will not have an impact on the work.

2, the work lamp is a kind of green product, and has the good electricity-saving performance, moreover in the use has the good illumination environment, can effectively guarantee the illumination degree.

3, and this kind of light source is not easy to produce the heat, may reduce the accident occurrence, moreover in the production craft is more mature, and the craft is more fine, Work Light will not occur the stroboscopic phenomenon, may protect the staff's eye in a certain degree.

Working lights are usually installed in lathes, machine tools, machinery or workplaces for the production of lighting used for operation, is basically fixed location, Work Light but the lamp can be retractable, adjustable left and right and direction, the appearance of its shape, such as the requirements are not high, but because the workplace environment is rather bad, require lamps strong, reliable and security protection, brightness , light color and so on to meet the requirements of the nature of the work, no stroboscopic and eye, Work Light will not make the workpiece motion illusion.

A table lamp is usually a movable luminaire placed on the home desk and on the desk surface. Mainly for reading, writing, learning lighting use, its brightness, light color can meet the requirements of reading and writing, no stroboscopic, less blue eye fatigue effect, can play a role in protecting the eye, Work Light at the same time as the home furnishings, appearance to elegant, have fun and rich artistry.

The advantages of working lights

Working lamp low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection: a LED lamp bead voltage is generally only $number. 6V, the current only 0.02-0.03A. That is: it consumes less electricity than 0.1W, consumes more energy than the same light efficiency of the incandescent lamp more than 90%, Work Light more than 70% of energy-saving lamps. LED is energy-saving light source.

Working lamp life long: at the appropriate current and voltage, led service life of up to 50,000 hours, far more than the traditional lamp service life

No warm-up period: working light start to light time fast-in nanoseconds, the response time of traditional lamps is the millisecond level

Working light safe low voltage: Led use of high-voltage DC power supply (AC Rectifier for DC), the supply voltage between 6 to 24V, due to different products and differences. In short, Work Light it uses a more secure DC power than a high-voltage power supply, and is suitable for use in most environments. Wide range of use.

Work lamp color is more abundant: the traditional work lamp color is very onefold, want to realize the color goal, the LED is the digital control, the luminescent chip now can recover many colors, Work Light among them red, green, blue ternary color, it is with this ternary color, through system control, can restore the boundless world colorful.

Working light is less than the traditional working light: LED is more advanced cold light source, it is not like halogen lamp and stitches lamp, the use of people to see the light source point will produce vertigo. LED light is more moderate than widely used in the field of vehicle lighting.

Use of working lights less environmental pollution: no metal mercury hazard. LED lamps and display of the particle layout, the light that occurs is generally scattered, Work Light rarely occurs light pollution.