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Work Lights Are A Green Product

Aug 16, 2017

Work lights use features

1, the work of the lamp in the production of LED light source, so the use of such a long time, can effectively prevent the loss of the work process, will not have an impact on the work.

2, work lights is a green product, Work Light and has a better energy-saving performance, but also in the use of a better lighting environment, can effectively ensure the lighting.

3, and the light source is not easy to produce heat, can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but also in the production of the production process is more mature, and the process is fine, Work Light does not happen strobe phenomenon, can be a certain extent, the protection of the staff's eyes.

Work lights generally refers to the installation of lathes, machine tools, machinery or workplaces for the production of lighting lighting, basically the installation location is fixed, but the lamp can be telescopic, adjustable left and right and direction, its appearance and other requirements Is not high, Work Light but the workplace environment is more harsh, requiring lamps strong, solid and safe, brightness, light color, etc. to meet the nature of the work requirements, no flicker and assassination eye, will not make the workpiece illusion of movement.

Work lights, light source with halogen bulbs, with waterproof, anti-erosion and other characteristics, for a variety of large and medium-sized CNC machine tools, machine tools, machining centers and general machine lighting, especially for closed CNC machine tools, indoor lighting. Halogen tungsten bulb light source with halogen bulb. For a variety of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools, Work Light combined machine tools and general equipment and other equipment, lighting, but also for equipment maintenance, laboratory observation and other lighting. Can also be built-in electronic voltage, input different voltage. Suitable for medium and small machine tools, Work Light medical equipment and vehicle repair, ship maintenance, equipment maintenance work lighting.