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Unique Advantages Of LED Flashlight

Nov 03, 2017

LED Flashlight Features

LED flashlight as led light-emitting body is a matter of recent years, but in a short time to occupy the main market led flashlight. This is due to its unique advantages.

Long service life

Since the birth of LED, it is most praised is its extraordinary service life. According to the information led manufacturers provide, led service life can be up to 100,000 hours or more, LED Flashlight almost without considering the replacement of the bulb problem.

Strong durability

LEDs are more durable than previous light-emitting bodies. Xenon bulb LED Flashlight once fall easily led to the light bulb breaker or broken phenomenon, LED flashlight is big can not consider this phenomenon (limit height is not). LED Flashlight The use of packaging technology can guarantee the safety of light bulbs.


Another major feature of LED flashlights is the ability to transform brightness instantaneously, which also provides the possibility for the conversion of the mode. With the application of LED, a multi mode LED flashlight has been introduced, such as S. O. LED Flashlight S and flash technology can be used better.

Cold Light

In terms of color temperature, most LEDs emit light and low temperature. It has a difference in color rendering than xenon lamps.

The application of LED flashlight

1) Highlight lighting mode: Suitable for the daily life of the night out, floor patrol, corner search, outdoor mountaineering, hiking, cycling, exploration holes, hunting and other occasions of long distance exposure.

2 Lighting mode: Suitable for daily inspection and repair of electric meters, water heaters, air-conditioning and other electrical appliances, daily maintenance of vehicles, outdoor mountaineering, hiking, cycling, exploration holes, hunting and other occasions of near-distance exposure.

3 Low-light lighting mode: Suitable for the daily home after the blackout long time lighting, night reading, night, LED Flashlight outdoor camping, night fishing, view map and so on.

4 Flash Mode: Apply to catch, close-body defense, forced parking, emergency signals and so on.

5 Strobe mode: Combined with Morse code, can be applied to LED flashlight communication, identification, password, SOS, etc., suitable for outdoor activities and lighting performance, field, LED Flashlight night games and other recreational activities.