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The Light Of The Reading Light Is Close To The Natural Light

Jul 13, 2017

1, the new lighting structure design, flat light, the precise design of the angle, the light only in the reading position, especially suitable for lying in bed to read, does not affect others to rest, the original block design to ensure that the edge of the remaining light is no longer missing.

2, more scientific optical angle design, Reading Light the light wavelength close to the natural light, is white slightly yellowish light environment is more warm, suitable for long time reading without causing eye fatigue; brightness can be adjusted continuously, the starting brightness is suitable for reading (correction The old section has a large section of the useless brightness area), Reading Light specially designed ultra-high brightness area can be applied to students walking around the night when the distance lighting.

3, the more compact overall design, only 105 grams of weight (the old does not contain the battery has 238 grams), smaller size (14.8x17.6x1.5 cm) easy to flip operation easy to carry on campus, parks, Reading Light The garden is a dark place to read and learn as a bookmark.

4, more power, longer use, the use of specially customized low-power ultra-bright, low voltage LED lights, low power consumption, only the use of three AAA batteries (7) power supply, Reading Light sustainable use for more than 50 hours , Nanfu or Duracell alkaline high-energy battery can be used for up to a month.

5. More wear-resistant, anti-scratch, detachable unique light block design can prevent the planing panel. Ultra-thin plexiglass panel effectively prevent the old font deformation, smaller, surface shrinking, halo and other phenomena.

When reading, adjust the reading light.

You can adjust the brightness of the screen by sliding the finger along the brightness bar, Reading Light or you can directly click on a position on the brightness bar to select the brightness.

Tip: Higher screen brightness for better lighting conditions, lower screen brightness for poor lighting conditions.

To keep the screen brightness to a minimum, Reading Light hold down the symbol. To adjust the screen brightness to the highest, press and hold the symbol. For reading lights, you can also click the [highest], directly to the screen to the highest brightness.

Note: Even if set to the minimum brightness, the light will not go out completely.

On the Kindle Voyage, click [Auto Adjust Brightness] to automatically adjust the reading lights. When the [automatically adjust the brightness], the reading light will automatically adjust according to light conditions. If you manually adjust the brightness bar, the [Auto Adjust Brightness] function will automatically adjust according to the brightness you adjust.

Tip: If you want to use the Kindle Voyage reading in a dark environment, you can turn on [Night Lighting] to gradually decrease the screen brightness over time and keep your eyes in dim light. To turn on the night lighting function, click [Menu], then select [Settings]> [Device Options]> [Reading Light].