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The Bike Light Is Soft

Jul 25, 2017

Bicycle lights can be divided into two types of self-generating and battery-powered bike lights, and self-generating type can be divided into tire friction power generation and drums built-in generator power generation two types; Bicycle Light battery-powered bicycle lights can be divided into batteries and lights Separate type and battery and lamp type. Self-generating bicycle lights are also subject to friction because they are not required to turn on the lights, which is unacceptable for demanding riders, Bicycle Light so the more commonly used battery-powered bike lights. Bicycle lights can be divided into front lights, rear warning taillights and wind and fire wheel (also known as wheel lights).

Bicycle lights are divided into headlights and taillights. Kind of very much, Bicycle Light on our brand bike headlamp model according to the use of different, there are several. For example, there are B31 for the use of rural road riding, is characterized by high brightness, range of 200 meters, stalls stable, not easy to jump file, especially for outdoor riding use, is generally used by professional riders; B23, can zoom, brightness is also good, range of 100 meters, the general is to work from school, or fitness at night to use fitness friends. Bicycle Light There are also for the children to use the B03, cheap, with the ordinary 7 batteries.

Bike lights classification, do not know you are specific requirements by what to sub, according to the type of light will be roughly the following categories of bicycle lights.

Smooth reflector cup, many people use flashlight for bike lights, such as the common C8 and the like. Features are concentrating with a condenser cup center light intensity is high, light source concentration, irradiation distance.

Convex lens condenser, Bicycle Light such as professional bicycle light riding division X1, with a convex lens focus, spot large, high brightness and uniformity, the effect is better than the light flashlight.

Orange peel condenser cup bike lights, both condenser and floodlight, soft light.

Three of the best results I think is the second kind. If you are a ride, I recommend you use the ride X1, the effect is really good, much stronger than the flashlight.