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Reading Lights Have Good Seismic Performance

Jun 02, 2017

Read the lamp to bend the lamp arm, so you can adjust the direction of any irradiation. Can produce suitable for reading the direct light.

Reading light is in the car when the light is insufficient, Reading Light it can provide enough to ride the staff, easy to use the car reading, while not affecting the driver's normal driving. Connect the cigarette lighter interface, Reading Light touch the switch, you can issue different colors of light.

Reading lights are available ordinary reading lights (a light bulb) and led reading lights (multiple LED lights).

Significant advantages of LED reading lights:

First, long life, generally up to tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours. Reading Light Some people think that if the future of the car according to the use of LED, the entire car does not need to replace the use of lamps.

Second, energy saving, than the same brightness of the incandescent lamp at least more than half of energy saving.

Third, high light quality, basically no radiation, are "green" light source.

Fourth, the LED structure is simple, the internal support structure, surrounded by a transparent epoxy seal, good seismic performance.

Five is not hot start time, light response speed (nanosecond), Reading Light suitable for moving fast objects.

Six is the application of voltage between 6-12 volts, can be applied in the car.

Seven is the LED occupies a small size, the designer can freely change the lamp mode, so that car shape diversification.

So, the current car manufacturers favor LED, LED is entirely the advantages of their own decision.