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Reading Lights Are Best For Reading

Jul 01, 2017

Whichever you choose which reading lights first remind you of the following:

1, at night with light to read, the best color temperature is 4000 to 4500K between the light source, this is our industry that "natural white", the eye has a better protective effect, low color temperature, easy to produce a sense of sleepiness, color temperature High, easy to produce fatigue;

2, the best light with LED side of the flat panel to read the light, side light LED flat light glare less, to avoid myopia;

3, the best use of non-stroboscopic light source, with a camera with a camera facing the lights, see the display whether the light rolling, if there is rolling, indicating the light in the strobe, it is best not to use such light source, the eyes are not good ;

4, choose a little lower power reading lights, generally about 5W LED light source, 7 to 9W or so high-quality energy-saving light source can be, first, save power, and second, power is too large, means that the luminous flux will be large, In this way, the highlight of the radiation will produce eye irritation of fatigue, Reading Light close to the use of electrical products, there will be electromagnetic radiation, power, the relative radiation will be a big point;

5, select the appearance of the lamp to be simple fashion, Reading Light the color is simple or simple, so that will not be too much decent reading attention and a long time a sense of fatigue;

Many people read the reading with the lamp, the priority will only care about this light shape looks good enough, enough cool enough, but ignored the most important light for reading the light or light. So in the selection of reading lamp, it should be concerned about what kind of light was the most eye, the most suitable for reading.

What kind of light the most eye?

The so-called eye protection, is to make the light as close to the natural light characteristics of the light. Because the sun is the only perfect lighting, with the best color, Reading Light continuous spectrum, not flash, we are most comfortable in the eyes of the sun, so the direction of light research is the simulation of the sun.

As long as the meet the high color, moderate color temperature, high light efficiency, stable and not flash these light sources, basically can provide a clear and healthy learning environment. Mainstream of the three kinds of light source lights are: incandescent, energy-saving lamps, LED lights, which is more suitable for reading it?

Are there any incandescent lamp?

Power consumption, short life, low luminous efficiency and other shortcomings, incandescent lamp is more and more people out. But the incandescent lamp is the closest to the natural light of the light source, the color temperature is usually between 2700K to 4000K, good color, Reading Light you can completely restore the original color, from these points to see the most suitable for reading light source.

The incandescent upgrade version - the emergence of halogen lamps to resolve some of the problems, life can be extended at the same time the success of the succession of incandescent light, but still relatively power consumption.

So the halogen bulb relative to the reading is a good light source, do not hurt the eyes, if you do not care about the case of electricity, it is recommended to use halogen light source to read.