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Portable Working Lights For Easy Use

Sep 27, 2017

Performance characteristics of portable working lights:

Applicable place: Suitable for aircraft maintenance, shipbuilding and other industries for portable mobile or signal lighting.

Light efficiency: The use of energy-saving fluorescent tubes, high brightness, power consumption than similar lamps save about 20%, energy-saving effect is significant. The shell is made of light alloy material, high protection grade, abrasion resistance, high temperature, high humidity, Portable Work Light ensure the reliable use of lamps in all kinds of harsh environment. Transparent parts used in the production of imported plastic materials, high transmittance, good impact resistance.

Easy to use: simple appearance, flat put to prevent rolling and slipping, Portable Work Light the use of hand hanging, lying, hanging type, such as a wide range of use, convenient.

Customization: The standard configuration of cable length of 0.5 meters, such as the standard configuration length can not meet the needs of the customer's work, we can in the cable length according to customer requirements to make adjustments to meet customer personalized needs.

With new technology and technology, the light weight of the lamp is only 0.8kg, lighten the burden of carrying and transporting of the workers; simple appearance, Portable Work Light flat put to prevent rolling and slipping, the use of hand hanging, lying, hanging type, such as a variety of use, convenient.

Performance characteristics of portable working lights

"Lighting Effect" by the 4 500W efficient energy-saving Philips brand lamp, can be based on the site needs each lamp to do a separate up and down, around large angle adjustment rotation to achieve 360° omni-directional lighting, the overall lighting, high brightness, large range, Philips lamp life long.

"Irradiation range" selection of 3 telescopic cylinder as a lifting adjustment mode, the maximum rise height of 4.5 meters; the turning lamp can adjust the angle of beam irradiation, Portable Work Light the light coverage radius of 45-65 meters.

"Lighting Time" can be directly used in the generator set power supply, can also be connected to 220V mains long time lighting, the use of power generators to fill the fuel for a continuous working time can reach 13 hours.

"Easy to operate" through the wireless remote control can be 50 meters in the range of each lamp opened and closed, the use of electric or manual air pump can quickly control the Take-off and landing of telescopic gas rods.

"Adaptive place" using adjustable tripod bracket, easy to fix, retractable convenient, suitable for a variety of terrain. It has the characteristics of light weight, convenient carrying and wide application.

"For your custom" to meet the user's personalized needs, such as the standard configuration of this product can not meet the needs of the user's work, Portable Work Light we can in the lamp set the number of lamp caps, power, floodlight or concentrator, telescopic cylinder rise height and generator equipment on the basis of user requirements to make adjustments.