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Led Headlamps

Jul 01, 2017

The use of LED (light emitting diode) headlamps models are increasing. Since Toyota introduced the "Lexus LS600h" in May 2007, the use of LED headlamps began to expand on hybrid models, and Mitsubishi Motors decided to equip them on electric vehicles. In the future, with the cost reduction and the brightness of a single LED components are improved, after 2014 is expected to begin universal access.

At the Detroit Auto Show in January 2010, the new Audi "A8", one of the most popular Audi models, was one of the most popular models. The car after the Audi sports car "R8", LED Headlamp including the low beam and high beam, including all the light source of all LED LED headlamps set as an option.

Car manufacturers recently in the headlamps on the use of LED action is increasingly active, there are many reasons. First, in order to reduce power consumption. For the improvement of fuel efficiency and reduce power consumption as the goal of hybrid and electric vehicles, reducing the urgency of headlamp power consumption is higher than ordinary gasoline vehicles. For example, i-MiEV, as its basic gasoline model "i" with HID (HighIntensity Discharged) headlamps when the power consumption of 40W, while the use of LED headlamps reduced by 25%, only 30W. In general, LED Headlamp power consumption can be reduced by half compared to about 60W for halogen lamps.

In addition, the cost of LED with the high brightness and tend to reduce, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of LED headlamps. For example, the LS600h uses four LED components to form the low beam. Three of them are components that use a projection lens, LED Headlamp and one is a component that uses a mirror. The components using the projection lens reflect the light emitted from the horizontally arranged LED by the mirror and then distribute the light through the projection lens. And only the use of the mirror components through the mirror to the horizontal configuration of the LED to the light emitted below the light distribution.

This combination of the components using the projection lens and the components using the mirrors, thereby forming the light distribution characteristics required for the headlamps are the same as those of other models. However, since the brightness of each LED is continuously increased, the number of LED components used in the LS600h model is reduced by three components using two components of the projection lens and one mirror. Thanks for this, the cost is reduced. In addition, Toyota equipped with LED headlamps are made by small wire manufacturing.

As mentioned earlier, LED headlamps in the formation of light distribution characteristics of the method with the original headlamps different. The original headlamps use lenses and mirrors to illuminate a necessary area of light from a light source.

The current LED headlamps are different, because the same as before using an LED light source, then the brightness will be insufficient, so by combining a number of LED light source to get light distribution characteristics. I-MiEV's low beam and Toyota's recent models, also by the three LED light source composition.