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LED Flashlight Quick Reaction Speed

Oct 13, 2017

The advantages of LED flashlight

The intrinsic characteristics of LED flashlight determine that it is the most ideal light source to replace the traditional light source, it has a wide range of uses.

First, small size

LED flashlight is basically a small chip is encapsulated inside the epoxy, LED Flashlight so it is very small, very light.

II. Low power consumption

LED flashlight power consumption is very low, generally speaking, the working voltage of LED flashlight is $number. 6V. The working current is 0.02-0.03A. LED Flashlight This means that it consumes no more than 0 of electricity. 1W.

III. LONG service life

Under the appropriate current and voltage, the life of the LED flashlight can be up to 100,000 hours.

Four, high brightness, low heat

V. Environmental protection

LED flashlight is made of non-toxic materials, LED Flashlight unlike fluorescent lamps containing mercury will cause pollution, and LED flashlight can also be recycled.

VI. Durable

The LED flashlight is completely encapsulated inside the epoxy, which is stronger than the bulbs and fluorescent tubes. There is no loose part of the lamp body, these characteristics make the LED flashlight can be said to be not easily damaged.

LED flashlight is led light-emitting diode as a light source of a mature application of lighting tools, it has power, durability, brightness, and other advantages.

Type of LED flashlight

At present the market all kinds of lighting with flashlight, mainly have plastic flashlight, LED flashlight, iron flashlight, aluminum alloy flashlight, stainless steel flashlight, hand flashlight, LED Flashlight environmental protection flashlight, electric mosquito swatter flashlight and many other kinds. Here we focus on the classification of LED flashlights.

At present, the common LED flashlight has a small key buckle type, multiple lamp type, single lamp holder high-power type. From the type of power source, there is a AA battery or an AAA battery, LED Flashlight some use three AAA batteries, and some use three button batteries, but also the use of manual power generation and so on.

Cold light, low heat, will not damage the lampholders high security.

LED Flashlight The reaction speed is fast, the collision resistance, small size, easy to small and lightweight.

LED Flashlight Save electricity, energy saving, new green light bulb.

The reaction speed is fast as long as 1us (microseconds), LED Flashlight does not need the warm lamp to raise the safety degree.

Low voltage drive safety.