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LED Flashlight Quick Reaction Speed

Sep 07, 2017

LED is the market's most popular source of light, all kinds of LED products have emerged, LED flashlight is one of them. Because the LED not only save electricity, brightness is still very high, so many people on the working principle of LED flashlight to generate curiosity.

LED flashlight is led light-emitting diode as a light source of a mature application of lighting tools, it has power, durability, brightness, and other advantages.

At present, the common LED flashlight has a small key buckle type, LED Flashlight multiple lamp type, single lamp holder high-power type. From the type of power source, there is a AA battery or an AAA battery, some use three AAA batteries, and some use three button batteries, LED Flashlight but also the use of manual power generation and so on.

The types and characteristics of LED flashlight

1, led super long service life, generally can reach more than 50,000 hours than traditional tungsten life $number times higher than.

2, cold light, low heat, will not damage the lampholders high security.

3, fast response, collision resistance, small size, LED Flashlight easy to small and lightweight.

4, save electricity, energy saving, new environmental protection bulb.

5, fast reaction speed as long as 1us (microseconds), LED Flashlight no need to warm the lamp to improve safety.

6. Low voltage drive safety.

What is the principle of LED flashlight

The LED flashlight has a lot of energy levels, and when electrons jump from high-energy to low-energy, the energies of the electrons are reduced, and the reduced energy is turned into photons. A lot of these photons are lasers. LED light-emitting principle similar. But the difference is, LEDs do not glow through the electrons within the atom, but by adding the voltage at the ends of the LED PN Junction, LED Flashlight so that the PN knot itself forms a level of energy (actually, a series of energy levels), and then the electrons jump over the energy level and produce photons to glow.

The new LED display Panel has low power consumption, high brightness, long life, small size and so on, this article from the LED display part of the development of a brief history, discussed the surface mount led, automotive applications led and LED lighting with the development trend, LED Flashlight for the display devices in the development of Chinese engineers have a certain reference value.