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LED Flashlight Long Time

Aug 28, 2017

LED flashlight is one of them. Because the LED not only save electricity, brightness is still very high, so many people on the working principle of LED flashlight to generate curiosity. LED flashlight reaction speed, collision-resistant, small size, easy to small lightweight and so on.

LED Flashlight Main performance characteristics

Efficient energy-saving: Flashlight lens Material: Imported high-quality UCL double-sided coating anti-scraping optical lenses, light transmittance is very strong, LED Flashlight luminous brightness up to 930 lumens, the maximum optical strength of up to 12500CD, irradiation distance up to 500m, service life of up to 100,000 hours, LED Flashlight strong light continuous lighting time is greater than 10 hours.

Battery: 18650 Lithium battery $number (cr123*2)/18650 Lithium battery * (cr123*8).

Light Source: Cree Xm-l2 led luminous body using full power drive.

Material: t6-6063 aviation aluminum alloy, hard oxidation treatment.

Color: Titanium black.

Appearance: Hard oxidation.

Driving circuit: constant current voltage stabilizing circuit.

SWITCH: micro-computer display touch switch, LED Flashlight flashlight will be opened in the super Highlight 3 minutes automatically reduce the brightness output to prevent overheating, LED Flashlight tap the switch for more than 1 seconds to activate the ultra-high brightness.

Size: Head 36MM, tail, 4MM. Total length 139MM.

Appearance: Precision CNC machining, thickening anode oxidation treatment, matte black.

Function: The new generation of LED highlight flashlight, the original touch digital display and the power of the function, LED Flashlight a little bit can be arbitrary adjustment you want the stalls and clear from the screen to see the remaining power. With five-shift dimming, strong light, light, weak light, flash, SOS five kinds.

Waterproof and anti-fall: Full sealing design, can be 2 meters underwater operation, high hardness alloy shell, LED Flashlight and the resistance to fall to 1 meters height drop does not affect the function, high and low temperature, high humidity performance, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions.

Life time: The longest life lasts up to 250 hours.

Other: Flexible and convenient: external surface depth non-slip treatment, light and beautiful, LED Flashlight can be placed in the pocket carrying, simple and convenient operation.

Dual protection: Charger internal circuit design to prevent charging, short-circuit protection device function.

The industry's first micro-computer display flashlight, fine workmanship, unique appearance.

Unique heat dissipation function: "Bat Wing" shape thermal design, LED Flashlight enhance flashlight heat dissipation function.