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LED Flashlight Energy Efficient

Aug 04, 2017

The basic principle is the current from the battery out, and then reach the circuit, through the circuit to adjust the voltage and current, and then output to the light of the light, the battery, Body, lighting lighting. LED flashlight is characterized by the ability to instantly change the brightness, LED Flashlight which also provides for the mode of conversion possible. With the application of LED, began to appear multi-mode flashlight, such as S.O.S and blasting technology can be better applications.

LED flashlight energy efficient: flashlight lens material: imported high-quality UCL double-sided coated anti-scratch optical lenses, translucent strong, LED Flashlight luminous brightness up to 930 lumens, the maximum light intensity up to 12500cd, irradiation distance of up to 500m, long service life More than 100,000 hours, strong light continuous lighting time is greater than 10 hours.

Battery: 18650 lithium battery * 1 (CR123 * 2) / 18650 lithium battery * 4 (CR123 * 8).

Light source: Use full power-driven CRee XM-L2 LED light.

LED Flashlight Material: T6-6063 aviation aluminum alloy, hard oxidation treatment.

Color: Titanium Black.

Appearance: hard oxidation.

Drive circuit: constant current regulator circuit.

LED Flashlight Switch: Microcomputer display Touch switch, the flashlight will automatically turn off the light output after 3 minutes to turn on the super brightness to prevent overheating, light switch more than 1 second will be able to activate the high brightness again.

LED flashlight type and characteristics

1, LED long life, generally up to 50,000 hours more than the traditional tungsten lamp life is 5 to 10 times higher.

2, cold light, low heat, will not damage the lampholder high security.

3, the reaction speed, impact resistance, small size, LED Flashlight easy to light and other lightweight.

4, energy saving, energy saving, new environmentally friendly light bulbs.

5, the reaction speed as long as 1us (microseconds), no warm light can improve safety.

6, low-voltage drive safety.

As a result of the above advantages, LED has been gradually applied to: backlight, traffic lights, urban lighting, car lights, general lighting. Here to introduce the application of high-power LED in the flashlight. In recent years, with the high-brightness LED technology gradually mature, LED Flashlight the cost is also declining, a variety of different specifications of the high-brightness LED is also more commonly used in new lighting equipment. At present, this high-brightness LED applications in the flashlight, it can be said that the most suitable, because this high-brightness LED high efficiency, long life, light color pure. At present, we can not create high-power LED, but the low-power LED is suitable for use in small flashlights such as flashlights.

LED flashlight is a light-emitting diode LED light source as a mature application of lighting tools, it has a power, durable, strong brightness and so on.

LED flashlight type

Currently on the market all kinds of lighting flashlight, LED Flashlight mainly plastic flashlight, LED flashlight, iron flashlight, aluminum flashlight, stainless steel flashlight, hand flashlight, environmental flashlight, electric mosquito flashlight and many other types.

At present, the common LED flashlight has a small key ring type, multi-lamp type, single lamp high power type. From the type of power point, there is an AA battery or an AAA battery, and some use three AAA batteries, and some use of three button batteries, as well as the use of manual power generation and so on.