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Camping Lights To Buy Skills

Aug 16, 2017

Camping lights are in the camp to provide lighting, scare away the beast, indicate the location of the camp, etc., and is movable fixtures.

Camping light selection method: small, light, bright. The size of the best not more than a cell phone, the weight of not more than 200 grams, the field is very open, Camping Light the brightness in the wild to reduce a lot, so the brightness of the higher requirements.

Camping lights This type of fixtures are usually used to mention hanging design, you can hang on the tent, you can also mention in the hands, Camping Light and also very convenient to carry. A well-behaved camping lamp can often increase the safety factor when going out camping. Xiaobian following to see under the purchase of skills it

1 shell material

Camping lamp shell material is more critical, you can choose to resin as the material, this will be more lightweight and more solid, and its feel more comfortable, Camping Light in the hands do not easily fall, not hot to our hands The In the selection, you can hold it in our hands feel it.

2 energy

For camping lights energy will have a different view, some people say that with the battery, some people agree with the charge, both of them can bring bright. Choose the battery that there is no outlet in the outdoors, even if the lamp is not electricity can not charge. Camping Light And the use of charging people say that the battery is not environmentally friendly. I would like to remind you that no matter what kind of have their own advantages. The key is the premise of the work must be done, Camping Light do not forget to go out before the full charge, whether the battery can be used, should be prepared to prepare a few more battery. As well as light as far as possible not to flash, so as not to hurt our eyes.