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Camping Lamp Is Convenient For Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Sep 07, 2017

Camping lights are provided in the camp for lighting, scaring off beasts, directing camp locations, and are movable lamps.

Camping lights should be optional: light quality, easy to carry. Super Energy-saving super long life, effective light source solution, no hot, light source soft without strobe effective protection eyes. Anti-rain shower design, all-weather use, night work lighting, night fishing lighting, camping, field lighting, car overhaul, garage standby, etc. Style as far as possible to buy beautiful new products, Camping Light put at home is also very good decorations.

Camping lights a lot of types, now basically with cold light type energy-saving lamp, LED bulb, the earliest use is dry battery type, the disadvantage is to carry more batteries, the weight is relatively large. Are generally used are rechargeable camping lights, car charger, Camping Light power supply, solar panels, and so on, anytime, anywhere can charge, convenient energy saving and environmental protection, Camping Light and do not worry about power problems, widely loved.

Main performance characteristics of camping lamps

1: The use of high-quality battery continuous working hours: 4LED more than 120 hours/10led more than 60 hours/14led more than 30 hours/14flash more than 150 hours

2: LED lamp life more than 100,000 hours

3: High strength ABS engineering plastic shell and broken bulb, can withstand big impact.

4: The carefully designed reflective mask ensures a sufficient concentration and floodlight in the middle and close range;

5: Use temperature range: -40°c to +50°c.

Camping Lights Main function

Camping lamp can not only play an important role in the night outdoors, but also in the case of power outages in the night to continue reading, work, Camping Light outdoor night fishing is also a good tool, more can have a wide range of functions such as early warning (using 14FLASH). The product shell for ABS plastic + silver paint, there will be some small scratches on the surface, such as but we can guarantee that the product quality 100% inspection after the issue, Camping Light the design of human nature, suitable for use in the field, can continue to work 150 hours to maintain high brightness, is the first choice for outdoor activities Jiapin.