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Aluminum Flashlight Reflective High Efficiency

Jul 25, 2017

Aluminum flashlight time rechargeable battery is suitable for regular use of flashlight users to reduce the cost of battery overhead, Aluminum Flashlight 18650 lithium battery is the most commonly used specifications. Lithium battery light weight, can output high current alkaline battery output current is small, but the price is low, every corner of the world are bought. Its use in the general led series. Aluminum Flashlight Strong light torch Scope: power, petrochemical, oil, military, mine, public security, and other work to provide mobile lighting, and can be used for signal contact and azimuth display.

Highlight flashlight housing performance characteristics.

Aluminum flashlight volume, weight: for outdoor users, this may be the first to consider. Waterproof and anti-drop full seal design, can be flooded test, high hardness alloy torch shell, Aluminum Flashlight and drop resistance to 1 meter height drop does not affect the function; resistance to high and low temperature, high humidity performance, can use a variety of harsh environmental conditions. L on the stored energy release, the power supply voltage on the LED to the L on the self-induced electromotive force, to achieve the purpose of boost. Aluminum Flashlight This voltage is enough to make LED light stable and reliable use of lithium-ion battery pollution-free, no memory, high capacity, long life, safe and stable performance, self-discharge rate is low, charge and discharge at any time.

High efficiency and energy saving light source adopts high power high brightness white light LED, low energy consumption, service life of up to 100,000 hours, reflective cup with high-tech surface treatment process, high efficiency, light irradiation distance of up to 500 meters, Also added the strobe light function. Light flashlight can be used for long-range signal indication, visual distance of 600 meters. Aluminum Flashlight Continuous lighting time of not less than 4 hours.