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Aluminum Flashlight Is Good For Seismic Performance

Aug 04, 2017

Today's aluminum flashlight, can be described as a wide variety, complicated tricks. If the reader wants to buy, absolutely enough to make you dazzled, according to the author understand, at present, the market are: plastic flashlight, LED aluminum flashlight, iron and aluminum flashlight, aluminum flashlight, stainless steel flashlight, hand-cranked aluminum flashlight, Shoot aluminum flashlight and so on. So how do we choose an aluminum flashlight? Please note the following four points:

1, look at the battery, there are two kinds of ordinary batteries and lithium, Aluminum Flashlight although the lithium battery is rechargeable, but low life, about 2 years, LED life of about 10 years, according to the actual situation to choose.

2, look at the bulb, light bulb out of the case, the naked eye is difficult to distinguish it from good or bad, you can see the light in the case of light consistency.

3, look at the aperture, good aluminum flashlight aperture for a uniform circle, poor LED flashlight spot is divided into yellow and blue uneven distribution.

4, see the brightness, good aluminum flashlight high brightness, slow decay.

5, to see waterproof, good aluminum flashlight with waterproof function, Aluminum Flashlight good seismic performance, that is resistant to fall.

What are the advantages of aluminum flashlight flashlight?

High energy: energy-saving energy pollution is environmentally friendly. DC drive, ultra-low power (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optical power conversion close to 100%, Aluminum Flashlight the same lighting than the traditional light source more than 80% energy saving.

Long life: LED light source it is called longevity lamp, meaning never turn off the lights. Solid cold light source, epoxy resin package, Aluminum Flashlight the lamp body is not loose part, there is no filament light burning, heat deposition, light failure and other shortcomings, the service life of up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, 10 times longer than the traditional light source life the above.

Change: LED light source can use red, green, basket three primary colors principle, under the control of computer technology to make three colors with 256 gray and arbitrary mixing, can produce 256 × 256 × 256 = 16777216 kinds of colors, the formation of different light color The combination of changing, to achieve a variety of dynamic changes in the effect and a variety of images.

Environmental protection: environmental benefits better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat, no radiation, glare small, and waste can be recycled, Aluminum Flashlight no pollution does not contain mercury elements, cold light source, you can safely touch, are typical green Lighting source.

High-tech tip: compared with the traditional light monotonous luminous effect, LED light source is low-voltage microelectronics products, the successful integration of computer technology, network communications technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, Aluminum Flashlight it is also digital information products, Semiconductor optoelectronic devices "high-tech tip" technology, with online programming, unlimited upgrades, flexible features.

In modern people's life lighting tools are essential, LED flashlight with its unique performance and characteristics have been the majority of people love. Aluminum flashlight shell finished LED flashlight is a new type of lighting tools, it has a power, durable, strong brightness and so on. Aluminum Flashlight Here to give you about the characteristics of aluminum flashlight shell:

1, high-strength magnesium alloy shell, hard and tough, not easy to deformation. Surface anodizing treatment, anti - condensation, anti - corrosion

2, aluminum alloy torch, the internal use of low-power LED lamp, highlight power, power consumption is one tenth of ordinary incandescent, life of up to 100,000 hours, life without changing the light bulb;

3, aluminum flashlight shell of the torch, generally each connection are generally installed high-quality rubber gasket, anti-shower, shock;

4, aluminum flashlight shell shell made of high quality aluminum processing, Aluminum Flashlight after oxidation of the appearance of the process of coloring, the appearance of the product more durable, and not easy to touch the flowers, do not fade.

5, aluminum flashlight shell flashlight, solid shell to ensure a stable and reliable torch, climbing, camping, walking and other outdoor sports preferred tool, Aluminum Flashlight usually at home can also be used to read, repair, to prevent power outages.

It is worth to remind you that the performance of different aluminum between the different, will cause a great price gap, the brand flashlight to use the highest level of aviation grade aluminum alloy T7075, T6061, this material is ultra-corrosion-resistant, Precision processing, there are flashlight made of this material, the appearance is very delicate, thread deep and clear, sealing performance is very good, feel very good, is the best aluminum, but the price a little expensive!

For the flashlight, the torch shell is one of the key factors that feel the final quality of the flashlight, aluminum flashlight shell has a very superior performance, and the general price of the product has always been a hot choice of manufacturers. In the production of flashlight at the same time, choose a suitable flashlight shell is to ensure the performance of the key to the flashlight, choose a good material of the torch shell is the basis of flashlight shell.